Our mission

We envision a future where the platform economy flourishes with ease and agility, becoming the cornerstone of global commerce. However, we recognize the current hurdles inhibiting platforms from realizing their full potential.

While SaaS has enjoyed a decade of refinement, platforms face a distinct lack of tailored solutions necessary to thrive in their intricate ecosystem. This gap hinders their ability to truly harness the power of this transformative business model.

At Revenew, we're committed to providing platforms with the insights and tools they need to thrive in the digital marketplace. We believe in simplifying the complexities of revenue optimization, empowering platforms to redefine success and drive unparalleled growth.

Size of platform economy by 2025
$7 trillion
Platforms operating worldwide
Over 25k
Merchants trading on multiple platforms
All it takes to integrate Revenew
30 seconds

Our team

We're a team of experienced operators, leaders and payment geeks, who have worked together at some of the world's leading payment technology companies.

  • Nicholas Thomson

    Nicholas Thomson


    Nick is seasoned in building payments and marketplace products used around the world. He was previously Head of Product at Checkout.com and Chief Product Officer at Banked.

  • Ben Foster

    Ben Foster


    Ben has built fintech products and scaled technology teams from an early stage through to unicorn. He was previously VP Engineering at TrueLayer and SVP Engineering at Checkout.com.

  • Daniel Münch

    Daniel Münch

    Product Engineering

    An experienced technical and people leader, Daniel helped establish Checkout.com's Berlin Engineering Hub, re-architect the company's Alternative Payments product and drive numerous technical initiatives. He's as passionate about people as he is automating our infrastructure!

  • Frederik von Mohl

    Frederik von Mohl


    Fred was one of the driving forces behind Checkout.com’s integrated platforms product. To say he knows this space well, is an understatement. He went on to join Nick at Banked before joining the Revenew team. When it works, it works.

  • Alex Hyett

    Alex Hyett

    Product Engineering

    Alex was one of the masterminds behind Checkout.com’s internals that sit at the foundations of the payments giant today; including (but not limited to) their ledger, scheme fee prediction engine and eventually the integrated platforms product where he worked alongside Fred.